1 Response to Session Proposal: How do we use the digitized archive? (a “talk” session)

  1. Jenn Fishman says:

    I think this session sounds great, Ann! I’m especially interested in thinking about the methodological questions digital archives raise. My sense, through some of my own work with large digital archives of student writing, is that our questions aren’t always well matched to the materials we can now access and the methods we have for analyzing those materials.

    Perhaps of course, “best practices” are rapidly evolving, too. What can/should anyone claim when they work only with the digital portion of a larger archive? How does the process of deciding what goes online matter to answering that question? And how, then, should digital researchers and digital archivists be working together? Be recognized as collaborators?

    All to say, I’ll be looking forward—and voting for this session!

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