Session proposal

I want to propose a Talk session in which THATCampers discuss the issues related to the “best way” to present photographs and video online. The photos and video were gathered in visits to Libya and Syria over the last two years (during their revolutions). What have people used to accomplish this in the past?” What are the most engaging ways this kind of material (photographs and video) can be presented?

Some additional info on my project:
The photographs are of people (portraits), people in demonstrations, fighters, damaged buildings, and of graffiti. The video runs the gamut of topics but much of it is interviews of Libyans and Syrians about their experiences during their revolutions. The graffiti is focused on the “revolutionary” graffiti I found in both places. In Libya much of it was (and all the interviews were) in English. In Syria, most of the graffiti and the interviews are in Arabic. I would like to be able to see, for example, how this material could be used as a project for the Digital Humanities Lab at UWM.

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