Yuko Nakamura


I am Yuko Nakamura, a Ph.D. student in architecture with a concentration in Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee since 2012 and a Fulbright scholar from Japan for 2012–2014 academic years. I obtained a B.Eng. in Urban Engineering from the University of Tokyo and an M.Arch. in Urban Design from University College London, and led a variety of design projects at an architectural firm in Tokyo.

My current research interest is contemporary everyday life in urban public spaces. I am geographically interested in Japan and the United States. Coming from an engineering school and minoring in folklore and environmental history, my ambition is to cross disciplinary borders to fully comprehend everyday phenomena without reducing each disciplinary rigor.

Although I am passionate about empirical research, I also love to read, ponder on, and write about theory, including architectural theory, urban design theory, design theory, literary theory, and cultural theory. Other interests include civic engagement, community media, digital humanities, and the interplay between social and spatial networks.

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